We are the first, original site that muggles geocaches.  We have already made history in 2012 with our muggled.net site and have brought it back even better this time! Thank you for being a part of geocaching history as we will break ground on new muggling ventures and social media postings.  We hope to attract more people our way and in the process show off our skills via our YouTube channel where we will post your videos of some muggling, destruction of caches, etc.  So be creative and active!

We will set the standard for our type of geocaching.



Basically, we will not muggle any caches (PNG or caches with difficulty ratings of 1-2) set for beginners, military veterans or churches.  Mostly for respect and to allow families and children to still enjoy the game/sport at the NOOB level.Our main goal is to get rid of the unwanted caches or “trash” as we call it and or caches that are in direct violation of geocaching standard rules such as located on private property, etc. As this is a public page here, we will let it be known we will muggle other caches at will with regards to our CODE so geocachers beware.  At the same time, most of us all have some decency so if we geocache and feel like it was an excellent cache no worries! We could just leave yours alone as we do enjoy the sport/game as well as you guys.  If you make enemies though, or take a geocache spot or aka become a GEO-HOG don’t be surprised if you get muggled! Also, to put into words here…

if your cache has been muggled, do not waste your time here as we do not and will not make known any identifiable methods for you to see who, when, where and why your cache was muggled.  Reasoning…guess what? We don’t have to.  Go try again with your tupperware and maybe move the location ?