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Also, just to add here for new geocachers: watch’s video on how to geocache first of all, then imagine yourself spending hours looking for a cache and to only find a piece of tupperware with erasers in it lol…yeah MUGGLE that one for sure! The meaning behind ” to muggle” is the disappearance of a cache, mostly in the past by “non-believers” or people that have not heard of the sport.  Now, we have come along since 2012 and are the FIRST, the only official MUGGLE site…enjoy the video and join us soon ! See you inside 😉

*** If you’re new to geocaching, you MUST have another account with a geocaching site that does not muggle caches such as,, etc. Once you get the account there, check out the sport/game and then decide for yourself who’s side you’re on…if you want to cleanup our land, our parks, our cemeteries, historical landmarks from these caches, or simply want to police the caches that are mis-represented, then join us and MUGGLE them today! ***

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